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Elementary Mathematics

School Mathematics
Mathematics Education Resources
Fun Mathematics
Recreational Mathematics
Mathematics Reference
Sage is a free open-source mathematics software system 
Practicing Math by Playing with Python 

Advance Mathematics

Open Problems
Math Equations
PDE Metasource
American Mathematical Society
A Statistics e-book
Sci-lab Linear Algebra, Calculus 
Dr Geo Geometric Figures 
Euler Numerical Programming
Computer Algebra System
Macaulay 2  


LaTeX Tutorial
Make TeX Work
Ubuntu Linux Guide
Computer Science--Bibliography
Basic Steps for Research (Guide)
 POVRay Geometric Software
Statlib  Data, Software and News from the Statistics Community
The R Project for Statistical Computing
Mathematics Notes
Google Scholar
Interesting WWW sites about Science

Mathematical Career Guidance

AMS Advice for Research Students in Mathematics

Oded Goldreich’s article  “On our duties as scientists“.

A few words on research for graduate students By Fan Chung

The Princeton Companion to Mathematics section on advice to younger mathematicians, with contributions by Sir Michael Atiyah, Béla Bollobás, Alain Connes, Dusa McDuff, and Peter Sarnak.

Advice for the Young Scientist By John Baez

Mathematical Writing

Data Science

Data Management

  • Tools
    • OpenRefine (formerly Google Refine): A powerful tool for working with messy data, cleaning, transforming, extending it with web services, and linking to databases. Think Excel on steroids.
    • DataWrangler: Stanford research project that provides an interactive tool for data cleaning and transformation.
    • sed:“The ultimate stream editor” — used to process files with regular expressions often used for substitution.
    • awk:“Another cornerstone of UNIX shell programming” — used for processing rows and columns of information.

Machine Learning and Algorithms

Data visualization

  • Courses
  • Tools
    • D3.js: Data-Driven Documents — Declarative manipulation of DOM elements with data dependent functions (withPython port ).
    • Vega: A visualization grammer built on top of D3 for declarative visualizations in JSON. Released by the dream team atTrifacta,   it provides a higher level abstraction than D3 for creating “ or SVG based graphics.
    • Rickshaw: A charting library built on top of D3 with a focus on interactive time series graphs.
    • modest maps: A lightweight library with a simple interface for working with maps in the browser (with ports to multiple languages).
    • Chart.js: Very simple (only six charts) HTML5 “ based plotting library.

Large Scale Computations

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