Year 2015 Volume 12 Issue 2

Special Issue on Multimedia –  Processing and Applications

Guest Editorial  (PDF)
Dumitru Dan Burdescu
1. Subpixel Edge Detection in Blurry and Noisy Images  (PDF)
     Anna Fabijańska
2. Advanced In-Home Streaming To Mobile Devices and Wearables  (PDF)
    Daniel Pohl, Bartosz Taudul, Richard Membarth, Stefan Nickels, Oliver Grau
3. A New System for Secure Handwritten Signing of Documents  (PDF)
    Marco Querini, Marco Gattelli, Valerio M. Gentile, Giuseppe F. Italiano   
4. Automatic Indication of Heat Loss in Thermograms of Buildings (PDF)
     Urszula Markowska-Kaczmar, Agnieszka Szymanska, Lukasz Culer
5. Pong Game on An Fpga Development Board using A Computer Screen as Display  (PDF)
     Roland Szabó, Aurel Gontean
6. Scaling Up a Distributed Computing Of Similarity Coefficient with Mapreduce  (PDF)
     Mirel Cosulschi, Mihai Gabroveanu, Florin Slabu, Adriana Sbircea
7. Secure Image Verification in Jointed Frequency Domains (PDF)
     Relu-Laurentiu Tataru  
8. Graph-Based Segmentation Methods for Planar and Spatial Images (PDF)
     Dumitru Dan Burdescu, Daniel Costin Ebanca, Florin Slabu




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