Year 2015 Volume 12 Issue 1

Special Issue on Intelligent Systems :Theories and Applications


Mostafa Bellafkih & Abdeslam En-Nouaary


1. An Integrative Modeling of BigData Processing (PDF)

     Hashem Hadi, & Daniel Ranc


2. Towards an active help on detecting data flow errors in business process models (PDF)

     Mohammed Issam Kabbaj, Abdelkader Betari,  Zohra Bakkoury, & Assia Rharbi,


3. Ant colony algorithm and new pheromone to adapt units sequence to learners’ profiles  (PDF)

    Naoual Chaouni Benabdellah, Mourad Gharbi, & Mostafa Bellafkih


4. A Cross Training Corrective Approach for Web Pages Classification (PDF)

    Abdelbadie Belmouhcine & Mohammed Benkhalifa


5. A New Taxonomy of Inconsistencies in UML Models : with their Detection Methods for Better MDE (PDF)

    Driss Allaki, Mohamed Dahchour, & Abdeslam En-Nouaary


6. Modeling and Kinematics Study of Hand (PDF)

    Youwei Dong, Hieu Phan, & Ahmed Rahmani,


7. Autonomous system for network monitoring and service correction in IMS Architecture (PDF)

   Mohammed Errais, FSAC, University of Hassan II Casablanca, Mostafa Bellafkih & Daniel Ranc


8. Amelioration of the Interactive Dictionary of Arabic Language (PDF)

    Mohammed Reqqass, Abdelhak Lakhouaja, Azzeddine Mazroui, & ATIH Idriss


9. Prediction approach for improving students orientation in University: case of SMBAU (PDF)

     Imane Satauri & Omar El Beqqali


10. Towards a unified approach for modeling and analysis of real-time  Embedded systems using MARTE/UML   (PDF)

      Abdelmouttalib Maqil, Abdeslam En-Nouaary, & Hicham Bensaid


11. Adaptating the Levenshtein Distance to Contextual Spelling Correction (PDF)

      Aouragh Si Lhoussain, Gueddah Hicham, & Yousfi Abdellah


12. A new Authentication Scheme for SIP Registration in a MANET Environment  (PDF)

       Aicha Ait hacha, Slimane Bah, & Zohra Bakkoury


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