Editorial Board

Advisory Editor:       Douglas Comer  Purdue University, USA

Editor-in-Chief:        Rajendra Akerkar  Technomathematics Research Foundation , India 
                                                                     & Western Norway Research Institute, Norway

Associate Editors & Their Specializations

Costin Badica, University of Craiova, Craiova, Romania
Multi-agent systems, knowledge representation and reasoning, software engineering, e-commerce/e-business.

Patrick Brézillon, University PIerre and Marie Curie (UPMC), France

Context modeling and management, decision support systems, knowledge management and acquisition, user-centred approaches

Will Browne, Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand   
Evolutionary Computation (specifically, LCS, but more generally GBML; GAs, GP) and Cognitive Robotics (specifically, memory, affective computing and learning using symbolic approaches).

Lenka Carr-Motyckova, Palacky University, Czech Republic   
Distributed Algorithms, Computer Networks, Theoretical computer science.

Barbara Catania, Universita' di Genova, Italy   
Deductive and constraint databases, Spatial databases and GIS, XML and Web databases, Pattern management and Data mining, Indexing techniques, and Database security.

Jianer Chen, Texas A&M University, Texas, USA   
Algorithms, Complexity, Computer Networks, Computer Graphics, and Bioinformatics.

Daoud S Daoud, Eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus   
Numerical mathematics, Domain Decomposition Methods,  Parallel Operator Splitting, Inverse Control Problem.

Yuh-Jong Hu, National Chengchi University, Taipei, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Social Semantic Web, Privacy-Preserving Data Analytics, Data Protection and Security, Web Technologies

Ivan Jelínek, Czech Technical University in Prague, Czech Republic
Semantic Web Technologies, Social Semantic Web, Personalization of the Web.

Jason Jung, Yeungnam University, S. Korea

Semantic technologies (annotation and indexing), Model selection, Semantic Knowledge Discovery and Management, Collaborative Problem Solving through Information Sharing, Data Mining and Grid Computing

Peter Kacsuk MTA SZTAKI,  Hungary

Grid and Cloud Computing

Osamu Katai, Kyoto University, Sakyo-ku, Kyoto, Japan   
Symbiosis among Humans, Artifacts and Nature, Ecological Approaches to the Design and Coordination of Intelligent Systems, Human-System Interaction, Emergent and Evolutionary Systems, Co-creation Systems, and Empathy Media.

Evangelos Kranakis, Carleton University, Canada   
Computational Molecular Biology, Computer Network Security, Data & Communication Networks, Distributed & Mobile Agent Computing, Wireless Ad Hoc & Sensor Networks.

Roger RN. Nkambou, Université du Québec à Montréal, Canada   
Artificial intelligence in Education, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Agent technology, Cognitive agents, Educational datamining,  Knowledge discovery, Ontology engineering

Hans Juergen Ohlbach, Ludwig -Maximilians-Universitaet, Germany   
Logic based knowledge modelling, Markup languages and data modelling with semi-structured data, Logic and constraint programming, Automated deduction.

Parag C. Pendharkar, Pennsylvania State University, Harrisburg, USA
Artificial Intelligence, Data Mining and Decision Support Systems.

Vijay Raghavan, University of Louisiana at Lafayette, USA
Information Retrieval & Extraction, Conceptual Categorization of Text/Images, Knowledge Discovery in Databases, Integration of Unstructured, Semi-structured and Structured Data, and Bioinformatics.

Chunming Rong, University of Stavanger, Stavanger, Norway   
Computer and network security, wireless communications, Cryptography, Identity management, Electronic payment, Coding theory and Semantic web technology.

Priti Srinivas Sajja, Sardar Patel University, India   
Fuzzy Systems, Knowledge based systems, Neuro-Fuzzy Systems.

Cliff A. Shaffer, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, USA   
Data Structures, Algorithmic Analysis, Wireless Communication Systems, Collaborative Software.  

Council of Editors

Stuart Aitken University of Edinburgh, UK
JF Baldwin University of Bristol, UK
Pavel Brazdil LIACC/FEP, University of Porto, Portugal
Jacques Calmet Universität Karlsruhe Germany
David Camacho Universidad Autonoma de Madrid, Spain
K. V. Dinesha IIIT, Bangalore, India
Hai-Bin Duan Beihang University, P. R. China
Maria Ganzha IBS PAN and University of Gdansk, Poland
Henry Hexmoor Southern Illinois University, U.S.A.
Huan Liu Arizona State University, USA
Marcin Paprzycki IBS PAN and WSM, Poland
Dana Petcu Western University of Timisoara, Romania
Sugata Sanyal Tata Institute of Fundamental Research,  India
Ivan Bruha  McMaster University, Canada
David Hung-Chang Du  University of Minnesota, USA
Yakov I. Fet  Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia
S. K. Gupta  IIT, New Delhi, India
Ray Jarvis  Monash University, Victoria, Australia
Pawan Lingras  Saint Mary's University, Halifax,  Canada
Pericles Loucopoulos UMIST, Manchester, UK
C. R. Muthukrishnan  Indian Institute of Techno., Chennai, India
Shahram Rahimi  Southern Illinois University, Illinois, USA
Dharmendra Sharma  University of Canberra, Australia
José M. Valls Ferrán  Universidad Carlos III, Spain
Krzysztof  Wecel The Poznan University of Economics, Poland

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