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Advances in Semantic Computing

Editors: Maneesh Joshi, North Maharashtra University, India
              Harold Boley, Institute for Information Technology, NRC, Canada
              Rajendra Akerkar, Western Norway Research Institute, Norway
ISBN  978-81-908426-1-7
e-Book Volume 2
Pages  126
© 2010

Semantic Computing (SC) is a rapidly evolving area that combines insights from Computational Linguistics, Semantic Web, Knowledge Engineering, and Software Engineering, with the goal of creating novel technologies and applications that connect intuitively formulated user intentions with the content and meaning of machine-represented data. The user and the content are connected via semantic interfaces, semantic analysis, semantic integration, and semantic applications. A major objective of SC thus is to develop methods for automatically constructing semantic representations from user input.

The e-book "Advances in Semantic Computing" is an open access collection of six chapters covering a spectrum of SC topics. The chapters were reviewed by the e-book's Scientific Review Committee. They are written to be self-contained, providing modularity and flexibility for readers.

Table of Contents


Front cover and Preamble



Uncertainty and Rule Extensions to Description Logics and Semantic Web Ontologies

Jidi Zhao



Business Rules Using OWL and SWRL

Alan Meech



OWL Ontology for Solar UV Exposure and Human Health

Cambillau Mathieu, El-Shanta Eltaher, Purushotham Sarathy, and Simeu Gilles



Ontology-Based Negotiation of Dental Therapy Options

 Mahsa Kiani, Michael Francis, Yassaman Zand-Moghaddam, Palash Verma



Concept based Personalized Web Search

S. Sendhilkumar and T. V. Geetha



A Comparative Study of Learning Object Metadata, Learning Material Repositories, Metadata Annotation & an  Automatic Metadata Annotation Tool

Devshri Roy, Sudeshna Sarkar, Sujoy Ghose


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